What does being wealthy mean to YOU? If you can’t answer this question easily, you’re in good company. Very few people seem to have a ready answer.

A long-term coaching client was sharing how excited he was about his current success. Over a year ago he reorganized his business life by deciding to give up his dream of creating a successful organization. Instead, he functioned as a solopreneur and now had almost completely paid off the debt he accrued by trying to create the organization.

In his early 60s, he was thinking about how long he needs to keep working, to accumulate enough money to retire. When I asked how much he had in mind, he named a very large number.

My personal experience of being comfortably retired on far fewer assets than he was imagining was not relevant, so I did not mention it.

I asked how he had arrived at that number, and he told me, through meditation. He had not checked with a financial professional. It was just his idea of wealth.

We talked further and he decided that it was time to review his position with a financial planner he respected to get a better understanding of his situation.

How about you?  What do you need next to create abundance? Read “Embrace Prosperity,” it will help.

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