Yesterday, I was shocked to learn that the contents of Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance had been stolen.

I learned about it when I stole a quick look at Facebook just before a scheduled appointment with my occasional office assistant. She is an old friend who comes for a couple of hours every 2 weeks to help me do the things I dislike doing and wouldn’t get to on my own.

When she arrived, I was frantically searching my computer for more information. I was definitely reacting to the situation instead of responding rationally. When I told her what I had just learned, she urged me to forget our agenda and do “whatever I needed to do.” I still wasn’t thinking clearly and continued my search for a few more minutes.

Then I realized that the two hours during which I needed her help were passing quickly., I decided that I did not need to do anything about the hacking problem immediately, but my thoughts were still swirling, and I couldn’t focus on our tasks.

I stopped and used the basic Logosynthesis sentences (the process I have been learning and writing about for years) and immediately felt calmer. By the time we had completed our first task, I was focused and we completed the work I had planned.

After she left, I calmly resumed my search for information. Logosynthesis community friends helped and I learned that 5 different versions of this book were posted on Amazon in at least 4 different countries. (Today, in a conversation with Willem Lammers, my co-author, I learned of 2 additional print versions in Germany.)

I contacted Amazon and two phone calls, several emails and considerable frustration later I had fully reported the problem. The last email says it will be resolved in a couple of days.

This morning when I woke up, I had forgotten the whole experience. I remembered it when I started writing in my journal.

Final thoughts: I truly appreciate the great people in the Logosynthesis community who first reported the problem to the Facebook group and then starting posting 1-star reviews of the hacked books on Amazon. And–If the book is worth stealing, it is certainly worth buying and reading! ?

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