Is trying to meet others’ expectations interfering with your personal experience of abundance?

It may be easier for you to do what other people want than to think about what you want and risk the consequences of stating your own wants and asking for anyone else to help you get what would be truly satisfying to you.

You won’t experience abundance unless what you receive is aligned with what you want, whether it is an experience or an object.

The problem is often what you imagine another person—a friend, a parent or a spouse—will do if you ask for what you want. Your imagination may be based on some memory about what happened when you were assertive in the past or it may be pure conjecture on your part.

In any case, you have energy stuck in that image. You need that energy to flow freely in order to use it to achieve your own satisfaction.

In Embrace Prosperity, we help you focus on what is most important to you and then help you find where your energy is stuck and how to use the Logosynthesis® methods to free your energy for your own use—to ask—and receive!

So, if you are ready to look at your abundance issues in an entirely different way, get started now.

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