Has this pandemic has changed the way you think about abundance? I was surprised by one of my own reactions today.

I stopped at a big box store to pick up a gift that I had ordered on the internet. I noticed how bright the store was and how it was filled with bright, colorful things. I was not in a hurry and the store was not crowded. Everyone I saw was observing appropriate precautions.

BC (Before Covid), whenever I had a few minutes in a place like this I would thoroughly enjoy wandering around, looking at the creative displays and finding things to take home with me.

Today was different. I actually cringed! I had absolutely no desire to look at anything. I knew I did not need anything.

I picked up my packages and left quickly. As I drove away, I passed by several other places where I once might have stopped and brought home some sort of a treat to share with friends. Instead of stopping I went directly home.

I am not sure whether this is a permanent shift in what I value—which I know is connection with others—or a temporary reaction to something else. I will pay attention. I urge you to notice your own behaviors. Are you changing too?

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